Enjoying Themselves..

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted actual life-story of mine here in my blog.. well 1st of all, I would like to say hi those who’s been leaving a comments here and thanks a lot for visiting my blog.. these past month I’ve been doing some soul-searching all around the places, met a lot kindda person with all type of attitudes.. some of them are good, bad and also a very good actor or actress, even smart enough to make a fool of me.. LOL!..

Been doing some work with PBPM (Persatuan Bekas Polis Malaysia) and manage to posses an important position in the association, after awhile.. got hired by R.H Residences as one of their enforcement personnel, offering my services there for a month and got accepted to Gain Forlife Academy for Food and Beverages Level 1 Course which is incorporation with the government and GFA itself, it a 6 month period of course which are 1 month of theory (within class) and 5 month of practical at GFA’s selected Hotels of Resort.

Well, it’s been over 20 days I’m here and of course there’s up and down rite?.. moved in with a bunch of younger boys and girls, so I have to adapt to this new environment again, so for it’s been good and under control.. there’s a minor set down at the 2nd week but I’ve get it over with.. well like Darwin said, adapt or die rite?..

Your Truly,

addanial a.K.a oNeuNo


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