My Other Blogs..

VannaOne @ WP; Formerly hosted by Live Space but moved it to WordPress due to Live Space closing event, not really my first blogging space but it is a waste of previous writings and post if I just let Live Space close it. VannaOne is the alias I’ve used since 2005 and it’s a combination of nickname for my beloved wife (Vanna) and me (One). Still it’s a nice sites to read though, I’ll try to update it as soon and as often as I can, go ahead and check it out, Just click HERE.

oNeuNo @ WP; It got the same fate as VannaOne @ WP, Live Space is closing and I got only two options, whether to close it down or move it to other host. Well, still think that it was worth to hang on to so I’ve moved it here at WordPress, been trying to set it up since but still haven’t got the time to do it though. Yall can check it out and let me know how untidy it is.. 😛 Just click HERE if yall dare.. and don’t forget to enjoy it!!